Top Attractions in Lithuania

Top Attractions in LithuaniaMuch of Lithuania’s sightseeing opportunities are centered on ancient capitals and ruins from the country’s past. There are many ancient cities to explore as well as a number of popular sites within the present capital, Vilnius. One thing is for sure, you will never run out of sights to see or towns to explore, the list is virtually endless.

Gediminas Square

This beautiful square can be found at the heart of the city. The main feature of the square is the stunning cathedral, which was built in the Classical style. Other interesting churches which can be found in and around Gediminas Square include the Gothic-style St Ann’s and the St Peter and St Paul’s Church, which houses the body of St Casimir’s, one of the most sacred of Lithuania’s dukes.


Kaunas is known as being Lithuania’s ‘city of museums’, as it boasts a great number of museums including the Devil Museum and a memorial to those who were persecuted during the Nazi occupation. The most famous museum is dedicated to the works of the Lithuanian painter, Ciurlionis.


Five curious grassy mounds mark the spot where Lithuania’s ancient capital, Kernave, used to lie. Today, this ancient city is another of Lithuania’s UNESCO World Heritage sites. People visit the site to wonder at the strange mounds and to learn a bit more about the country’s colorful and epic past.


This ancient capital can be found on the shore of the picturesque Lake Galve. There are numerous churches to be explored as well as a 14th-century castle and stunning woodlands. The lake offers boat rides, which the entire family can enjoy.


This historic city was founded is 1323. It is the capital of Lithuania and is situated in a stunning valley and surrounded by dense, wooded hills. The picturesque city center is a mixture of old meets new and it lies on the bank of the river. The Old Town is the biggest in Europe and also a UNESCO World Heritage site.