Getting Around Lithuania

Getting Around LithuaniaPeople who are visiting Lithuania will soon discover that there are lots of exciting ways of exploring the country. Here is an overview of the main transportation options.


Domestic services are limited in Lithuania, as there are only three main airports. It is not the most popular means of domestic travel, but flights are available, many of which are available daily. Kaunas and Palanga offer the majority of domestic flights, with Vilnius concentrating largely on international services.


There are excellent connections from Vilnius to towns and cities all across the country. The train does not stop in Palanga, which is the major resort on the Baltic coast, but it is very easy to get off the train at Kretinga and to travel to Palanga by bus.


Buses are generally more frequent, reliable and quicker than domestic trains and serve almost every town and village. Kautra is the main bus company, offering services from Kaunas to almost every major city in Lithuania. Tickets are sold to every passenger wishing to travel and if more buses are needed, more are scheduled. Public transport in urban districts includes buses and trolleybuses, which usually run from 05:00 to 23:00. Transport coupons can be bought in advance or from the driver.


Lithuania is home to a good network of roads. Modern four-lane motorways connect Vilnius with many major cities including Klaipeda, Kaunas, and Panevezys. The speed limit is 110 kilometers per hour on motorways, 90 kilometers per hour on country roads and 60 kilometers per hour inside towns. Traffic drives on the right and seatbelts must be worn at all times.


Taxis display illuminated ‘taksi’ signs and can be hailed in the street, found at taxi ranks or ordered in advance by phone. Your hotel will be able to assist in pre-booking taxis. They are all metered and are usually fairly good value for money.