Experiences Not to Miss

Experience the Nightlife

Lithuania enjoys a lively nightlife and has done since the country gained independence in 1990. Cinemas can be found in every town and they show the latest Hollywood blockbusters in English with Lithuanian subtitles. Lithuanian theaters are mainly concentrated in the capital, and they often host spectacular plays and concerts. Opera and ballet are staged in the city at the Vilnius Opera Theatre and Kaunas is home to a musical theater. The country is abundant with restaurants, offering a mix of international and local cuisine, and many of them offer live music seven nights a week. For those that like to let their hair down, there are a number of clubs throughout the country, but most of them can be found in Vilnius.

Sample Some Local Cuisine

Lithuanian peopleLithuanian people are very proud of their heritage, culture, and culinary skills. Freedom of expression was taken away from them by the Soviet Union, but since independence, a number of top class restaurants have opened up in the country. Local restaurants offer an experience that is hard to match elsewhere in Europe. Most restaurateurs are pleased when tourists visit their establishment, and they tend to offer exceptional service.

Shop Until You Drop

Lithuania is famous for its amber. You can shop for jewelry, ornaments or pure amber stones at many markets and shops across the country. Lithuanian handicrafts are especially popular with tourists, as there are many unique designs and they are all intricately detailed. It is impossible to visit the city and not pick up a souvenir or two.

Take Part in a Festival or Two

Lithuania hosts a number of annual festivals throughout the year. Virtually every month, a festival is celebrated somewhere in the country. There are many cultural festivals such as film, theater and music festivals. There are also religious and historical festivals such as Easter and Independence Day. If you are in a small town, you will experience the coming together of the whole town for just a few days a year – an experience not to be missed.