3 Awesome Travel Blogs for Insider Tips on UK Travels

There are many travel blogs hosted by Brits travelling the far ends of the world, jumping off cliffs in turquoise crystals waters, trying the local delicacies, hitting it off with other travellers. It seems to be a rather popular trend; that anyone can join, if they so dare. Although backpacking at times is rough, the joy that comes with sharing those extraordinary moments with the rest of the digitally networked world seems to be very rewarding. But look to see if those bloggers are writing about their own back garden, you find that’s not so exciting.

shutterstock_7535353Britain’s hidden gems

A few of the more different blogs provide helpful tips on the British scene. Firstly: Nomadic Matt has many useful tips to give us on British hot spots, among those listed are: Oxford, Bristol, Bath, and London, of course. He also mentions music festivals, a favourite ‘go to’ of the British countryside, for young backpackers. A thorough look at what the highlights of those cities are is also covered. Secondly: ‘thebritishtravelblog’, informs us on roads less travelled, and hidden gems; Falmouth for example shares many of Cornwall’s best scenic features but is less well-known. For more information on places to see in the south of England, visit Easthaylinglightrailway.co.uk

The Best of British

Finally, it is also worth mentioning ‘coolplaces.co.uk’. A U.K site, only covering the best of British holidays. You can find out where the best weekend deals are to be had, which parks offer the most wildlife and best camping experience. They give a vibrant outlook on what the UK has to offer for holidays. Britain is well versed in taking care of the tourists that flock here, from all over the world, to enjoy the beautiful green countryside and traditional villages. Whether it be with a rucksack or suitcase, these blogs will give you all the tips you need to enjoy your holiday in Britain.