Getting Around Lithuania

People who are visiting Lithuania will soon discover that there are lots of exciting ways of exploring the country. Here is an overview of the main transportation options. Air Domestic services are limited in Lithuania, as there are only three main airports. It is ...Read More

Experiences Not to Miss

Experience the Nightlife Lithuania enjoys a lively nightlife and has done since the country gained independence in 1990. Cinemas can be found in every town and they show the latest Hollywood blockbusters in English with Lithuanian subtitles. Lithuanian theaters are mainly concentrated in the ...Read More

Top Attractions in Lithuania

Much of Lithuania’s sightseeing opportunities are centered on ancient capitals and ruins from the country’s past. There are many ancient cities to explore as well as a number of popular sites within the present capital, Vilnius. One thing is for sure, you will never ...Read More

Exciting Festivals and Events

Mardi Gras This is one of the liveliest festivals in the capital city of Vilnius, marking the end of winter. The festival traditionally chased winter away and invited spring in. There are street parties and celebrations lasting well into the night. Kaziukas Fair This ...Read More

Dining in Style in Lithuania

Eating out is an experience that visitors to Lithuania will not want to miss. Lithuanian cuisine features many ingredients which are suited to its cool and moist climate, such as barley, potatoes, rye, greens and mushrooms. Lithuanian cuisine has a lot in common with ...Read More

Spending Time in Lithuania with the Kids

Since the declaration of independence in 1990, the country has become an enjoyable place to visit for young and old alike. Lithuania is home to an abundance of natural open spaces, which are perfect for children to run around in and burn off all ...Read More

Discover the History of Lithuania

In order to understand Lithuania and the nation’s people better, it is a good idea to learn something about its rich history. The long and fascinating history of Lithuania dates back thousands of years, as local Lithuanians are ancestors of the Balts, whose first ...Read More

An Introduction to Lithuania

Lithuania is a proud nation, with the country’s history revealing occupation by many countries, but none for quite as long or as restricting as the Soviet Union’s occupation. Lithuania’s independence was granted in 1991, and freedom of expression was once again exercised, the artistic ...Read More